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My Name is Greg Harris

My name is Greg Harris, and I’ve lived in Longmont for fifty years. I’m tired of watching things be done the same old way. It’s time for Change. We can’t continue to do things the same way. I want to improve the lives of the people of Longmont.

  • We all know Longmont will grow. Businesses want to come to Longmont. To meet this need, we must support the construction of Middle-Class apartments and houses for those employed in Longmont.

  • Without addressing our infrastructure, our current growth is unsustainable. It will increase our vehicle emissions, especially during commuting hours with bumper-to-bumper traffic. Longmont has many roads that go North and South, but East and West we only have Highways 66 and 119. In 1957, the fences on Highway 66 were moved back to expand into a four-lane highway -- but it never happened. Then we were taxed for a train from the south, but it was never built and we didn’t get our money back.

  • I oppose all excessive policies, codes, regulations and any fees attached to new construction since they would add to the costs for consumers.
    I oppose any increases in water rates, connection fees or tap fees.

  • If it’s necessary to fund some city program, the money should come from 
    the general funds.

  • Longmont has an inclusionary housing ordinance. I oppose any expansion of the ordinance.

  • I oppose all efforts to limit residential growth. We must support all efforts to substantially increase the number of homes built in Longmont.

  • I support increasing the budget for public safety and oppose any effort to defund the police.

  • The City and State should not decide which businesses should close and which stay open. I think the recent action by the Boulder County government requiring masks everywhere was excessive government overreach. As Mayor, I will do what needs to be done to keep all businesses open.

  • I Support the economic development recommendations of the Longmont Economic Development Partnership. As Mayor, I will lead the City Council and City Agencies in expediting project development To do that, I will require a quarterly progress report from the City Manager and agencies responsible for project approval.

Greg cares about his community. But Greg knows that caring for the community means responding to change – to anticipate change and welcome the future we want.


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Longmont Public Media Debate

Longtime resident Gregory Harris said, “I am an outsider who wants to be mayor” and that “it’s time for a change” on the council’s approaches to dealing with local problems.

Harris cited as one example of what he called “government overreach” was the current council’s adoption of an ordinance that will require restaurants serving children’s meals to make unsweetened water or milk the preferred options with those kids’ meals — a measure that got a 5-2 vote of council support, including “yes” votes by both Peck and Waters.


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